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Highly aesthetic porcelain crown

Empress all-ceramic crown . Ideal for anterior crowns in the aesthetic zone.

Empress crown

Empress crown cemented in place. Can you tell which one is the crown?

E-Zr total crown

Full Zirconia crown-provides a strong and durable restoration without requiring as much tooth removal as a PFM.

E-Zr Natural crown

More aesthetic and translucent looking zirconia crown.

5 unit PFM bridge

A bridge is a great option to replace missing teeth. The teeth on either side of the gap are crowned and used to support teeth that span the toothless space.

PFM crown

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown- Porcelain is layered over a cast metal substructure. PFM crowns are strong, but lack the high translucency for great aesthetics in anterior crowns.

Full metal crown

Full metal crown-Silver or gold color, precious or non-precious metal. Metal crowns require less tooth reduction and are virtually indestructible.

implant crown

Implant crown cemented on abutment

Implant abutment

The implant abutment screws into an implant allowing for the final crown to be screwed or cemented in place.

Composite resin bridge

For a fraction of the price of a porcelain or metal bridge, a composite bridge can be made in our office in one visit.

Missing front lateral incisor

Have a missing front tooth, but don't have have the finances for a traditional lab made bridge? Consider a composite resin bridge instead. Resin bridges provide good esthetics and can be repaired easily.

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